DIY Voltage Standard


So i decided to build this Voltage Reference. I ordered a few LTC6655 from LInear Technology ( I made a small PCB for it Using the Parchment paper Methot. So these are the specs of it:

 4.096V output voltage @2ppm

 Max input voltage is 13.2 Volt

The PCB/ Module that i builded is 200mm By 150mm. So it’s definitely pocket size. ;D

Here are some Pictures.


Thank you for joining Camper Hangout’s 2013.

I hope you had a fun time at the Hangout’s.

I would like to thank all of you who joined the hangout’s.

But sadly enough ends Maker Camp this Friday.

But the camper hangout’s will continue until the 26th of August.


There will be a special hangout this Friday:

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Diy oven controller

So this is a sort of repair.The original controller from the oven failed a while ago. So i decided to build one my self using a an Aruino. I ordered an extra ATmega 328P-PU (from Farnell) whit the Arduino boot loader on it.

I used this Intractable for code  (click here for the intractable).

But i builded the hardware by myself.

So my part’s list:

  1 ATmega 328P-PU whit bootloader

 1 16 MHz cristal

 2 22pf cap’s

 2 0.01 uF cap’s

 1 7805 voltage regulator

 1 10K resistor

 3 47K resistors

 4 tactile switches

 1 Lcd module (standard type)

 1 transistor (BC547)

 1 Relay (Rated for 30 Amp’s)

 1 12 Volt Adaptor


Here are some images.